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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr. Quintero moved to Louisiana for his residency at Tulane University. After attending Tulane, he completed his second residency at the University of Louisville. His medical training and residency allowed him to see the opportunity to diversify and help all aspects of bodies.

Growing up, Dr. Quintero’s step-father owned an art gallery where he learned to appreciate beauty and art. There, he gained experience in painting, framing, and sculpture.

He originally wanted to become a vet, but his wife helped nudge him in the right direction—one that proved worthwhile and led to a thriving practice.

Dr. Quintero transferred his love of art to plastic surgery, which he considers art done to the human body.

The most fulfilling part of his work is “the expression of happiness and energy that patients share with me after obtaining their desired results.”

The most popular procedures done at his practice, JQ Plastic Surgery, are minimally invasive, non-surgical facial procedures, along with breast augmentations, reductions, and lifts.

Although Dr. Quintero now focuses exclusively on cosmetic procedures, one of his most challenging procedures involved an individual with 90% of their body burned. After two to three years of enduring surgeries, this individual was finally able to enjoy a better quality of life due to Dr. Quintero’s work. Breast augmentations also prove a very challenging surgery that Dr. Quintero conducts regularly.

Dr. Quintero’s advice to those training to become plastic surgeons is to take every day of training as a chapter in a very complex book to refer back to later. “You never stop growing, and you never stop learning.”

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