If you’re looking for Botox, Xeomin or Dysport injections, I recommend JQ. I’ve been getting Botox/Xeomin forehead injections for four years now. I always got the result I wanted of limited muscle movement but I also got a few undesirable results in the form of an almost fake look and, often, really arched eyebrows. I saw Dr. Q at an event at a salon six months ago and got Dysport for the first time. The result was the relaxed forehead muscles with a quicker result and a natural looking face. I know the majority of the result, if not all of it, is injection technique but I do have a particular affinity for Dysport now. I also have chronic migraines and these injections help to reduce the number of headache days I have as well as the severity of the ones I do have which is a great positive side effect.