Dr. Quintero is the best of the best. From his calming bedside manner, his knowledge of many topics, his precision and technique with stitching and other procedures, you simply won’t find anyone better. I was initially referred to him by my dermatologist to have a couple abnormal lesions (in a very embarrassing location) surgically removed. The procedure went smoothly and the scars are almost non-existent today. The following year I was, again, referred to him for 10 (!) more lesions scattered all over my body. Together, we came up with a plan to remove them over a couple months with in-office visits so I could avoid the OR (and also avoid an extra uncomfortable recovery). I have spent a lot of time in his office so I feel rather qualified to share how wonderful he and his staff are. At every visit, they put me at ease, even playing music and dimming the lights when I was feeling particularly anxious. All 12 of my scars have healed beautifully, I don’t have to worry about the lesions anymore, and I know it’s all thanks to Dr. Quintero’s precision and care. I have recently moved out of state but would absolutely go back to Dr. Quintero in a heartbeat should the need arise again for a plastic surgeon.