What are the medical benefits of a breast lift?

While a breast lift is considered a cosmetic procedure, there are emotional and physical benefits that make it a great choice for some patients. 

A breast lift is intended to lift up sagging breasts. A woman’s body may go through many changes throughout her life such as weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, and medical conditions. 

So, what are these benefits?

Improved Posture 

Sagging breasts can cause women to have bad posture as they lean forward due to the weight and position of the sagging breasts. Posture can be corrected by redistributing the weight of the breasts.

Better Self-Esteem

The improved appearance that a breast lift allows for more confidence in your skin. Instead of hiding their body, patients often report feeling more comfortable and confident wearing bathing suits and more revealing clothing. 

Greater Mobility

Drooping breasts can make everyday life a lot more difficult. Movements such as bending down or going for a run may feel uncomfortable while dealing with sagging breasts. A breast lift allows you to get back to the activities you used to enjoy whether it is exercising or going to the grocery store.

Reduced Skin Irritation

Sometimes sagging breasts can rub up against the ribcage and cause chafing underneath the breasts. This irritated skin may not be able to heal properly due to the constant chafing. A breast lift can relieve the skin from this friction.

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Dr. Juan Quintero specializes in breast lifts. We want to help you achieve the most beautiful you. Your reasons for seeking a breast lift are valid and we would love to help provide relief to the issues your sagging or drooping breasts are causing you. 

If the state of your breasts is causing you major discomfort or inconvenience in your life, it may be time to consider getting a breast lift done. You will be amazed at the difference this procedure makes in your everyday activities. 

The recovery time for this surgery lasts about three to six weeks for swelling to fully go down, but you may return to work after one to two weeks. Call us today at (502) 754-0633 or fill out a form if you are interested in learning more about what the team at JQ Plastics can do for you.  

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