How does Qwo reduce the appearance of cellulite?

As noted, Qwo contains enzymes that dissolve the connective tissue bands that pull the skin surface towards the underlying muscle layer, causing fat pockets to pop up, giving the skin a dimpled appearance.

When Qwo is injected into the skin of the buttocks, the enzymes in it break down the fibrous bands of tissue that are causing the skin to be uneven. With the release of these bands, cellulite becomes less visible, and the skin looks smoother.

The ingredients in Qwo act locally. They do not enter the bloodstream or travel to other parts of the body. The medication expands to about the size of a quarter in the area where it’s injected.

What to expect with Qwo treatments?

Qwo is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive injection treatment that is performed in our office. The injections take only around 10 minutes to perform. Your provider can place up to 12 injections in each buttock during a treatment visit. You may need fewer injections, depending on how much cellulite you have. Most patients need a total of 3 Qwo treatments to see results. You need to wait 21 days between treatments.

Is Qwo cellulite treatment safe? What are the side effects?

Qwo is safe for use in all skin types and skin colors. The most common side effects of Qwo injections are mild bruising and discomfort at the treatment site. You can minimize your risk of adverse events by choosing an experienced injectable provider for your Qwo treatments.

Am I a candidate for Qwo?

Your provider will evaluate your skin during consultation before recommending Qwo cellulite treatments to you. Qwo is suitable for all skin types, and there’s a good chance you are a candidate for this therapy. However, it is an injection treatment, and therefore, it is not recommended for anyone who has an active skin infection in the target area of the buttocks. Also, Qwo is not recommended for women who have an allergy to collagenase or any of the other ingredients in this product.

During your consultation, you should inform our medical team about any history of bleeding problems. You should also give them a complete list of medications, including herbal supplements you are taking, as well as medication allergies. Some medications such as blood thinners and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can increase the risk of bleeding with injection treatments and may need to be temporarily stopped before Qwo treatments.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or planning a pregnancy shortly, discuss the timing of Qwo treatments with your provider. They may recommend waiting until after the pregnancy and breastfeeding before undergoing Qwo cellulite treatments.

When will my cellulite improve? How long do Qwo results last?

Most patients have a visible improvement in cellulite 10 weeks after Qwo treatments. Your provider will assess the final results 28 days after the third set of Qwo injections. It is worth noting that while Qwo is effective against cellulite in all skin types, the results can vary from person to person.

As noted, the enzymes in Qwo break down the fibrous bands that cause cellulite. As a result, the reduction in cellulite obtained with Qwo is permanent. Once you complete the set of 3 treatments, you can enjoy smooth skin and reduced cellulite long-term, provided you eat healthy and exercise regularly to reduce the reappearance of cellulite.

Does Qwo really work?

Endo Aesthetics, the company that manufactures Qwo, has conducted one of the largest clinical trials ever done for cellulite treatments. The trial enrolled more than 1800 adult American women with moderate to severe buttock cellulite. Compared to the placebo group, the group that received Qwo injections had significantly reduced cellulite as measured on a standardized scale.

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